Pray With Us

This is a page to list things that are heavy on our heart, as well as what there is to rejoice in. We will edit as things come and go.

Prayer requests from our latest newsletter:

-We are moving at the end of May to a new house. It will be great to have more space and be able to host community events and guests.
-Genuine opportunities to love and serve our students and their families.
-The island school team is working hard and is set to open January 2017.

-The season of goodbyes is drawing close. Prayer for good closure and positive attitudes in this time of difficulty.
-We can finish the school year well!
-God is going to use the school on the island to tangibly transform the community. Pray specifically for provision of licenses and accreditation by the Colombian government for the school on the island.
-The school on the island needs a missionary couple to work at the school. The profile is narrow: Spanish speakers, invested in education and ready for a pioneering project. Please pray with us that the specific needs will be met!
-Sarah is 3 days away from finishing her Master’s degree in Christian School Administration.
-That we can listen better to God and others each and every day.

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