Summer 2016

Although it seems like we are living in the fast lane of life, God is good. We are a little over halfway into our time in the USA and, although I am ready to not live out of a suitcase, I am hesitant to go back and jump back into school. You see, this has been a good summer. We have been able to see friends from many different circles. We have feasted on favorite fast food joints. We have driven all up and down the West Coast. We (and by that I mean Ed) have battled a few mouse nests in our car for said road trip… ok, maybe that wasn’t so great, but it’s a story!

Over all, God has shown us again and again how beautiful the Church is. We have been welcomed by new church groups and reconnected with former communities. We have enjoyed lunches and dinners and just hang outs with many people. And although it’s been two years since we were both back, it feels as if we just left thanks to so many people’s hospitality. We have been reminded how amazing our supporters are and that we CANNOT do what we do without their prayers, words of encouragement and friendship.

So, although life in the States does not feel normal, it has been beautiful!

And here are some highlights so far 🙂

Ed’s farm house
Lighting paper lanterns

Sunset on the beach

Girls weekend with the Besties (and Quatchi)

Hiking at Lava beds with Sarah’s parents

Celebrating Father’s day with my grandpa


Alcatraz prison

San Fransisco

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