Love your neighbor

As a teacher of PK I love to intentionally plan fun and meaningful activities for my students. This week we have been learning about the parable the good Samaritan focusing on God’s love for us. Three years ago I found a great picture that shows how the Good Samaritan is a reflection of Christ. Although my students developmentally are not really for big abstract concepts, I thought I would see what they thought of the picture.

As I asked them what they saw, most reflected on the Good Samaritan helping the stranger or the donkey. However after probing deeper they recognized the cross. As I asked them why the cross was there, a light went on for many students as they realized that the cross is God’s love, just like the Good Samaritan is God’s love. Although my students are small, I am so blessed to build into them a deeper and more meaningful understanding of God’s GREAT love for us. 
As a time of personal reflection, I asked each student to draw a picture of them helping another person. The majority chose to draw helping a friend who had fallen and gotten hurt- well connected with the Good Samaritan story- and as I asked them if they were showing God’s love, you could see their pleasure with knowing they were reflecting Christ to one another. As a representation of that love, I would draw a cross on their picture like the example. My hope is that  as they see their art, they can internalize that they can be God’s love to others- just like the Samaritan!
My work as a teacher is more than teaching English or how to count or how to be a good friend. My job as a teacher is to bring each one of my students little bit closer in their relationship with God. I can’t think of a better job in the world!

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