Things on my mind…

1. We started classes again on Wednesday and it was so great to be back with the kiddos! After a season of  working with a student teacher, visitors, lots of 3 day weekends due to holidays and just the general craziness of the Christmas season it was nice to be back with my kiddos in our normal routine.

2. Burkina Faso. Although we no longer live in West Africa, the events happening in that area of the world impact our hearts. This weekend there was a terrorist attack in Ouagadougou (try saying that 3 times fast) where at least one foreign missionary was killed along with many others. Although we personally do not know the family, we understand how an event like this can lead to fear, Spiritual attacks and lots of pain. Our hearts and prayers are with the missionary community as well as the Christian and Muslim population. Also, an Australian couple has been kidnapped. They live and work in the northern part of the country near Mali and are some of the only medial staff in the area.

3. The school is prayerfully considering starting a process of growth. Right now we are exploring options of how to make it happen in a organized and feasible way. Please pray with us as we seek God’s plan for ECA’s future.

4. Recently Colombian was named the happiest place on earth. It’s pretty great to be living in a country where people are really happy. Although I have no “proof”, this comes at no surprise as the Gospel continues to reach more and more Colombians and the Christian church continues to grow each year. The fact that I get to be a small part of bring God’s joy and peace to this country makes me very, well, happy! Also, dont believe me? Come visit and we can show you first-hand.

5. New projects. I have been working with a church on the coast who is wanting to start a Christian school. This is in the very beginning stages, and it is still unclear how deeply I will be involved in the project, but it is exciting to see what God is doing and be a part of His work.

Visiting with leaders of a potential new school on the coast of Colombia.

All in all- there are moments of being overwhelmed and I feel a little of all emotions at the same time. I know that God is working and all I need to do is obey Him- day by day and minute by minute. God is doing awesome things in Colombia and around the world. Times may seem crazy, overwhelming, sad and joyful- but our hope can only be found in the Lord. Trust and obey.

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