God’s love!

This month in our newsletter I was able to share some parent feedback about how they see their child growing in God’s love! I wasn’t able to put all the quotes into the newsletter, but since each story was personal and a great testimony I thought would share all of them here on the blog.


-Our son is a very affectionate child. That being said, many times his reactions isolated him and it is hard for him to relate with others. The topic of love has been a great welcome to him from the school. I believe he will learn to relate to others and build relationships with all people through love, which can be shown through actions and patience. The most incredible thing is to hear him speak of God’s great love for us through his creation. Through the PK classes he has learned that we were all created with love for God and from that love we can love others.

-During the very short time that our son has been at ECA we have seen in him an interesting process of growing in love. We have seen significant changes in him regarding obeying, respecting others, and playing safely with with others. It has been a permanent process to discipline him at home, we know that this is just the beginning of a long-life process, and we have found that ECA has greatly contributed to this purpose. Probably the most important purpose God wants to see in our lives is to shape our character to grow in love.  Thus growing in love means many things for our son such as respecting others, helping others, being disciplined, sharing, supporting, having good manners, and so on. During this period, we have seen clear improvements in our son’s behavior, and the way he gives love to others. This is reflected all around him: we see that in his actions, his relationships, his creativity, his happiness. We are delighted with ECA’s approach to teach children how to grow in love. We consider that this is extremely important for the entire life of our son. As a family, we know that it is our responsibility to cultivate love in our child, with our everyday examples, with our life style, and encouraging our son to love others. Then we are pleased to know that ECA’s approach is an excellent complement to our efforts to discipline our son and to show him the only right way to grow in love: trust in the word of God.
-As parents we have seen how our daughter has grown to understand the love God has for us and she has begun to understand there is love our in our home because God loves us and we love Him. Our daughter has a love for ministry and values preaching, telling us that she wants to do what God has called her to, according to his purposes. We believe this is God’s purpose in her life and it makes us so excited to think that the Lord will use her for things we can’t even imagine. We are so proud of our daughter and have seen how ECA is a part of her process in realizing the work that God is doing through his creation and in the blessings that we receive.
((and the quotes from our newsletter in case you missed it))
-We are so happy to see our son growing in this area (of love) and understanding God's love for us. He is often telling us how great is God s love and that He made the sun and the moon and the stars. He is expressing gratitude for every little thing. We are so encouraged every time he says, "Thanks God for..... "

-Our son is growing in love all the time! Now he is more affectionate, is more gentle with his sister, and he knows that "obey" and "respect" are ways to love. He is more expressive now, with words hugs and kisses (including trickle wars) and says: te amo más lejos que la cabeza de Super Dios! (My love is bigger than the size of Super God's head!).

-We have seen our child grow in forgiveness and showing love. We noticed that he has a gentler spirit and can speak with clarity about lessons he is learning at school such as solving problems using love. We keep hearing him say "we always need to forgive everyone" and it makes us so happy to think that even at a young age he is building this type of foundation for the rest of his life.

-The other day my daughter was at church singing and dancing during worship. She was so involved and focused. Afterwards I asked her about it and she said "I love God so much and I want to worship Him with everything that I have to show Him I love Him."

-Our daughter has become more interested in the needs of others.
Spending times with boys is a challenge for us as a family because we see that she wants to imitate fighting and rudeness, but we see it as an opportunity that the Lord has given her to teach her as a woman she can love and work her friends. When she prays she gives thanks for her school, her classmates and for help to be obedient every day.

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