Off to a great start!

PK has had a great start! We have been enjoying our first unit studying creation. As we continue to work hard to clarify and perfect our curriculum, I am overwhelmed by how blessed I am to build in my students a strong foundation of the Bible. My students get hands-on learning experiences to know who God is and what he has done for us. 
We start every year by studying God’s perfect creation. Then as we see how man feel away from God but God still loves us. We see His plan come into place through the arrival of the Savoir. As we discover the life of Jesus we can see how we are to live in a way that honors God. At the end of our year we see that Jesus radically change the world through His followers and their legacies.
Fall of Man (Adam and Eve, Noah)
Jesus’ Life
Early Church
Here are some highlights of our creation unit so far:
Creation week 1- Yellow day!

Creation day 2- water!

Creation day 3- Making a land collage!

Day 3- Making land and plants with playdough and pipe cleaners

Day 3- Land and plants!
Playing with moon dough

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