Queen Esther: the brave, strong and courageous

This week my students had the opportunity to present chapel for all of elementary. About 2 month ago I realized my students were fascinated by drama- during their free play time they would set up the classroom like a theater, choose actors, directors, tickets salesmen and food vendors and do their best to put on a play. Seeing their enthusiasm
for drama, and my passion for directing performances, I decided to go all out and do a play for our chapel performance.

We chose to do the play “Queen Esther” because it fit with the other themes of chapel this year. We have been learning all about responsibility and doing what is right even if it’s hard. I found a fun script online and we began to practice about 3 weeks ago.

The kids were involved in everything: they made the posters, tickets, and the backdrop. We found costumes and props in the costume room. We spent 2 weeks learning a song, dance and practicing lines (all in English). By the time the performance arrived the students were over the moon excited!

Parents were invited and on Thursday they rocked the house. Here are some pictures and video clips from their awesome performance.

Painting the back drop!

Coloring tickets!

Posters at the entrance

Stage all set up and ready to go!

My singers being so cute!

Basically the best dance routine ever (even if you can’t hear the music because the audience is laughing so much!)

My cute little singers sings about being brave, strong and courageous.

King Xerxes and his guards and servants.
Esther eating dinner with Mordechai and Haman

Mordechai talking with Esther about saving the Israelite’s.

All my delightful performers taking a final bow

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