Palm Sunday

The arrival of a King. People praising. Crowds participating, as well as watching. Palm fronds waving. Garments laid down. A joyful celebration.

Every year I have the privilege to share with my students the celebration of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem. This year we cut out paper palm fronds and waved them around, danced around the classroom singing Hosanna, discussed kings, and, thanks to a team of high school students from the States, we allowed our students to ride a “donkey” (one of the high school boys on his hands and knees).

Celebration. Joy. King of Kings.

As I was discussing this important event, I was struck with the simple joy of child-like faith. As I continue to grow in my understanding of symbols, the entrance into Jerusalem speaks to me of fulfilled prophecy, Jesus’ declaration of His Kingdom on earth, and the wonderful grace-filled salvation from His sacrifice. For my students however, Jesus’ entry is celebration! Jumping up and down, singing at the top of their lungs, and child-like joy.

It makes me wonder if after so many years in the faith, do I loose my child-like-ness? I get excited for Easter because I know it is the most important day of remembrance in my faith, but am I jumping up and down in excitement? Am I on the streets singing Hosanna at the top of my lungs? Do I eagerly wake up in the morning ready to praise God for His salvation? Have I lost the child-like inhibition to celebrate just because God is God?

My goal this Easter to to be filled with child-like joy. No, my neighbors don’t have to worry I will be waking them up sing (screaming) early in the morning. But I am asking God to give me moments  of joy-filled, child-like celebration- whether it be through praise music, some great food, or creating beautiful things… we will have to see!

This is my student’s favorite Easter song!

And here is their version! (disclaimer… they were all crowding me and the camera.. aren’t they the cutest!?!)

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