An “average” Wednesday in Pre-Kinder

Ah, childhood! It’s the best, especially if you are in pre-kinder! Here are glimpses in the daily activity of a cheerful 5 year old at El Camino Academy.

We start every Spanish class looking at the calendar.

We love to sing in music class!

We have also been learning about different kinds of notes.

In the library we have been learning about the snow-capped mountains in Colombia.

During free choice time we love the playdough!

Free play time in the classroom is so fun!
To practice sharing and being good friends, we used water colors to paint pictures in partners.

We love reading books!
This week we have been learning to write the number 3. And then we drew 3 cheeses on our paper

Sometimes we do music class outside in small groups. Today we played drums to practice our notes.
After all that work, we need a nap!

Oh, and Tuesday was the 100th day of school!

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