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Usually in a blog post I try to have a topic or theme or story. But sometimes that doesn’t really work. So today I thought I would share random pieces of our life in Bogota that isn’t really that connected.

Just outside of Bogota is a cathedral built into an old salt mine. It’s a beautiful work of art!

Some of the smaller towns outside of Bogota have a more traditional look with brick roofs and white washed walls.

All middle and high school classes share classrooms so each teacher is given a desk in the teacher office. This is Ed’s desk on a normal day.

The natural beauty of Colombia is outstanding. There is never a bad view.
Sometimes the teacher office is a place of work, while other times a lot of goofing off happens 🙂

While coming back from the teacher retreat there was a long stop while a land slide was cleared. For this guy selling treats it was a great business opportunity.

One time at the local mall a whole parade of women dressed in white gowns walked around. I have no idea why.

Peanut butter is a rare fine here- and expensive. It’s almost $5 for a small jar!

Hanging out with some of friends on break sometimes means going on a Ferris wheel.

One of the theme parks in Bogota- with a good discount on Wednesdays (we learned!)

Ed’s not too excited about his tummy treat! Shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk!
Ed, always known for his fashion, made a sweet hat while horse back riding on the retreat.

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