Creation week #2

Pre-kinder is up and running! We’ve had a great few weeks getting to know our new students and introducing them to their new school and jumping into our unit on creation.

This week we learned about day 2 of creation- when God created water. We looked at water above (weather) and water below (oceans and seas). Here are some of the fun activities of this week:

In art class we made kites for our windy weather!

Some of the girls realized if they tied the kites to the swings it would fly.

Finger painting with blue- our color the week- was a little messy 🙂

Friday was “blue day” and we played with blue balloons

Taking advantage of a moment of sun, we headed outside to draw with chalk

These boys made a big tic-tac-toe game

Drawing with chalk can be a little messy!

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