Moment of joy #4

Well my plan of posting weekly hasn’t really happened, but I have been more and more aware of little things in my day where God not only shows himself to me, but tells me he loves me.

This morning we had an all staff worship time. The first week of February the city of Bogota has a “no-car” day where personal vehicles are not allowed on the road. Busses and taxi’s still run, but all personal transportation comes to a halt. At our school we give the students a day off and have workshops and professional development. We start the day with the whole staff together in worship. It is so beautiful to come together as a ministry and worship the Lord our God in both of our heart languages (English and Spanish). It is beautiful to focus on what is really important and take time together to give praise to our Lord.


On another, more selfish note, I have been so blessed by a new piece of furniture in my classroom: the reading loft. At the end of last year we were asked to dream big about what we might like to see in our classroom and immediately a reading loft came to mind. I had one in the classroom I student taught in and it was a great learning space for the kids, as well as creating double floor space in my classroom. I asked for it, not really expecting it to happen.

Well last weekend I walked into my classroom (I was at school to teach some workshops to parents) and lo and behold this beauty was waiting for me:



My kids love the “tree house” and all take turns fighting over who is up on top Smile It brings me joy to see them have so much fun!


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