Moment of joy #3



This year I have the awesome opportunity to dive into God’s word through a Bible study with some of my co-workers. We are doing Beth Moore’s Bible study- Believing God. It has been a great study looking at who God is and challenging up to make our faith active in the present moments.

Two weeks ago the session was on miracles and believing God will do what He says He will do. We sat around that evening sharing miracle we had witnessed, and even ones we had not. One of the key points in the study was that God absolutely CAN do miracles, but sometimes he does not. He reasons are always bigger than our own- and our faith should grow in the obvious and the not-so-obvious.

I was so encouraged by our discussion and hearing stories from my sisters in Christ of Gods work around their lives. We serve and love a mighty and caring God that knows us better than we know ourselves.

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