Christian Character Day

Every year October is a month dedicated to learning about people. The library hosts a contest to see who can read the most biographies. Classes learn about historical figures and many write biographies. And to end the celebration, elementary hosts “Christian Character Day”.

This is a chance for elementary students to dress up as a famous Christian Character. Pre-Kinder and kinder are Bible characters and 1-4th grades are post-Bible characters (missionaries, pastors, people of faith, etc.). Each class has a time to share with parents, then all the students across grade levels join together and share. It is a great time for my students to practice English- plus the love dressing up! Check out the cute pictures:

Many of my girls were Queen Esther


Classroom activity with parents (and grandparents, aunts and uncles)DSC09101

As close to an all class picture as we could get!DSC09110

Elementary small groups sharing about their characterDSC09137

That’s about right kiddos SmileDSC09161 

22 four year olds looking in the same direction=impossible!IMG_00000409

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