Caught in between


I live in a place of constant tension.

I am very happy to call Bogota my home and I love serving at El Camino. I love the challenge of speaking Spanish, navigating Bogotian culture and not always understanding how to do simple tasks. At the same time I have moments where I long to be back in Oregon with my family and friends. Where I can read cultural cues, speak the language with only a small amount of confusion, and everyday tasks don’t consume my time.

I am happy where I am, but constantly wonder what my life would like life if I didn’t decide to follow Christ to Bogota.

I think this tension is healthy. I am here and there. I live in the present and yet long and wonder about the future. I think God placed me in this place to understand him and his purposes more. We as followers of Jesus are considered citizens of Heaven; the earth is not our home. We are placed on this beautiful ball of once-perfect creation to know and love him in the present. Yet at the same time we long for heaven and being in eternal worship of our savior- but he has said “NOT YET; I have work for you”.

Pslam 96:2b-3 says: Proclaim his salvation day by day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

If that is not a clear command of why we are here on earth, I dont know what it. Our job is to speak of salvation. Act as if we are saved from the sin of this world. Have an attitude that we are redeemed.

We may be citizens of heaven, but our residency in this time is here on earth. I can understand. I can live this.

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