Middle School English Camp

          This past week Ed and I were able to travel outside of Bogota to the plains of Colombia with 32 middle school students (and 7 other adults) for a 4 day English Camp. It was a stretching, yet exciting time to spend with the kids learning about the plains and what it’s like to be a cowboy. Here are some highlights:

Middle school=junk food, right? DSC_0327

Teaching the milk song! (just give me some milk… moo moo moo moo!)


The first day we took a ride on the “buggy cerrero” around the camp to look at all the animals!


Oh, Give me a home…. 100_1811

…Where the iguana’s all roam 100_1822 100_1823

Monkeys!!! DSC_0433100_1827DSC_0457DSC_0389

Our campsite. God’s creation is so beautiful! 100_1832

Worship and Devotions in the morning 100_1840

Learning to rope and milk a cow…not at the same time though! 100_1850 100_1851DSC_0580DSC_0745DSC_0770

Pool time! 100_1856

We did a night-time photo scavenger hunt… I think the boys were having fun!

 100_1869 100_1916

They found a frog in the pool 100_1939

Worship and devotions on the last day 100_1973

Yes, we female teachers made it to the last day… kind of 🙂 100_1977

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