Colombia, the land of the squeezy bags

A favorite hobby of ours is browsing through grocery stores- especially in new countries. For the most part, Bogota is pretty on-par with most grocery stores in the States. One difference we noticed- almost right away- is the love of resealable bags as packaging for almost any liquid. Not sure what I mean? Take a look!

First- it’s the typical ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce100_1521

Then some spices100_1518

How about garlic paste? Onion paste? Pasta sauce?100_1516

  How about milk?100_1522


Jam and Marmalade?   100_1523

Pineapple paste? 100_1524

And squeezy bags aren’t limited to food… it’s also soap, dish soap, cleaning supplies and many other delightful thing! 100_1525

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