Alice in Wonderland- the final post

It has been 2 weeks since the last night of Alice in Wonderland and to be honest, it’s a little sad! I very much enjoyed working with the students and having to brainstorm creative answers to problems. I miss the routine of working on things afterschool and having to juggle all my other responsibilities (have I mentioned I like to be busy).

I wish there was a deep spiritual epiphany that came from this project, but to be honest, it was just a series of small little lessons. When I was frustrated at the students for lack of commitment, I had to be reminded I am directing to love and serve the students. When I was overwhelmed with mini crisis’- I had to rely on the Lord and trust He would see things through. When actors were doing an excellent job- it was a reminder of how we all use our talents to glorify God and not ourselves.

Since this is the last post for Alice in Wonderland- I really just want to share the rest of the pictures!

DSC_0605 - Copy DSC_0620 - Copy DSC_0686 - Copy DSC_0707 - Copy DSC_0716 - Copy DSC_0740 - Copy DSC_0753 - Copy DSC_0775 - Copy DSC_0783 - Copy DSC_0788 - Copy DSC_0796 - Copy  DSC_0844 - Copy  DSC_0860 DSC_0864

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