To the students at BCA

Dear students and lovelies at Bamako Christian Academy:

A year has passed since we said our hurried goodbyes. A long year that has included a lot of unknowns and changes. For most of you, you have begun a new life in a new place and the memories of BCA are beginning to seem distant. It’s a good place to be.

My dear students and friends, know this: our time together- although cut short- was not wasted. I saw growth in you- as my students and my youth groupers. I saw you understand more of more of who God is and why He calls us to strange places. I saw maturity in your friendships and genuine love between each other. I saw understanding. I saw compassion. And I saw fun- oh you guys know how to have fun (chicken, anyone??)

Now that you are in your new place- whether it is your passport country or a new “home” do not forget. Cherish the memories of the blazing hot sun and red-colored dust that creeped into all cervices. Cherish the friendships you established and the fun times you had together.

But dont let that hold you back.

Having had to move forward myself I know what it’s like to long to be back in the BKO. Now that I have stepped away I can see what a beautiful representation of the family of God was BCA. We came from all over- some willingingly and some not-so-much- and joined together to learn. Some days were great, and others were a struggle-let’s be honest, there’s no use in glamorizing the heat and dust. I miss you all, but know that we serve and worship a mighty God who is more at work than we can even understand.

Let’s take hope that there will be a time again where we will join together in heaven and worship our Lord- in English, French, Bambara, and the mix of it all.

Let’s take joy in the fact that modern technology allows us to snoop and spy from afar.

My last word to you: keep looking up. See where God has put you and rejoice that He is in control. Use your time in Mali to make the word bigger to those around you. Extend the love of the tight-knit BCA community to your new community.

He is not finished with you,

Mrs. Trussell (Sarah)

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  1. Woaow …. This was not just for the kids .. this was for me too! God knows how much i've been sttrugling with these changes, and yes, BCA was such precious family…. Thanks Sara, Melissa rebember you with a lot of love and good memories. All of us. Lovre from France….

  2. Great Post, Sarah. I, too, am having my thoughts drawn back to last year. Remember you all sitting outside the gate of our place at 7 a.m. or so on April 1, waiting for Sharon to come get you. I was SO tired but decided to stay up and see you all off.

  3. Ha ha.. i remember that. And I remember thinking "I wonder if this is an April fool's joke?". Well, clearly not! Thanks for taking the time to say goodbye and I trust things are going well where ever you are (Cameroon???)

  4. Sarah, thanks for this – I just read it for the first time (I'm such a faithful blog follower, I know) and I totally needed it. I still wish I was back in BKO all the time. But God has good plans 🙂 It's great to read all the sweet stuff you're doing in Bogota…Owen and I will have to come visit soon!

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