A day in the life of: Pre-kinder

Over the next few months I hope to highlight normal life here in Bogota. To start off, we are going to look through the eyes of a pre-kinder student.

On a normal school day I usually ride a van that picks me up in front of my house. There are lots of other students who ride my van with me, so we have a lot of fun.

When I get to school, I put my back pack next to the door and run outside to play until the bell rings.

100_1044100_0742 Here is the elementary hallway- my class is at the end of the hall to the left.

I then go into my classroom and start my day. Usually Mrs. Trussell has a fun activity set out on the table for me to play with. Then we sit on the carpet and the student of the week helps with the calendar and weather. Most mornings it is sunny!


We get to go to special classes too- PE, music and library! After those we head to snack time and play outside!

100_0727 100_0733 100_0736 100_0738

After our recess we go back into the classroom and have math activities, Spanish class and some language activities. We learn about all sorts of things: bugs, the United States, and Easter just to name a few.

100_1015 100_1021

We go to lunch, the play outside again if it’s not raining. After lunch is nap time, then my favorite part of the day: free time in centers.

100_0366 100_1011 100_1013

After centers are cleaned, I head back to my van and go home! Phew! I’m tired after a long day at school!

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