God does all things well

So many times in life I am left asking the question “why?”. If it’s not a personal struggle it’s from those around me.

In the past month we as a country went through two horrific public shootings. There is an 18 year old girl fighting for her life, having lost both her legs in the process. Mali is at war, and the causalities are only going to increase in number. I have had friends go through miscarriages, car accidents, and painful healing of relationships. And amidst all this I can’t help but cry out “Lord, take us home, this pain is too much!”

Today I was reminded God knows what he is doing- and he does all things well. I ran across this song by Tenth Avenue North and it served as a powerful reminder that God is in control. My favorite part of the song goes like this:

You break me to bind me
You hurt me, Lord, to heal me
You cut me to touch me
You died to revive me

All the pain, suffering and hurt only serves for God to show who he is. I have to take the focus off of myself and turn it to Him who is in control. As I question, I need to worship. As I cower, I need to look up. As I hurt, I need to focus. God is in control. God is in charge. And he is working well.

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