What do you like most about the church?

As part of my certification for ACSI I am taking a course called “the Truth Project”. In this course, we dive into our Christian world view with the hopes of separating “worldly” view from “Godly” view. Most of the classes (or tours as they are called) are interesting. We have dived into subjects such as “who is God?” and “What is truth?”.

Today before we started the class we had a discussion answering the question:

“What do you like most about the church and why?”.

At first the cynical side of me was not sure where this was going. I have had many conversations about what I don’t like about a particular church. I have become emotional over the American church. I am leery of the institution of church. But I don’t think I have ever before thought about what I LIKE about the church.

As we started discussing I had to remind myself what is the church. I know this question wasn’t concerning First Baptist. And I didn’t have to do with the megachurch phenomenon. No. It was asking what I liked best about the global community of believers who have claimed Jesus as their Lord.

As I steered away from my dislikes and clarified my definition I realized I like the church. I like the community. I like the connection. And I like sharing a common focus and adoration.

Now that I have started thinking,  I am curious what’s your take… What do you most like about the church? Why?

Go ahead and comment either on this blog or on facebook… I’ll post them in a day or two and let you know what people think. I am hoping this is interesting.

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  1. Without getting all technical and theological, both of which I agree are important, what I like most about the church is simple: fellowship. I like it that I see fellow believers on a regular basis, eat meals together, and pray together. I like it that my "family" is there for me in so many ways. I know that some say you don't have to "go" to church to "be" a part of the church, and I get it, but still, the "going" part isn't replaced by a trip skiing or boating or camping somewhere. People need the Lord AND each other, and that happens at church!

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