Thank you Lord for…

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and for the past 24 hours my head has been swirling with things I am thankful for. This has been a challenging year, but a year full of blessings. I am grateful to God for the big things and the little things! Here is my list:

Thank you Lord for…

-My family that is supportive of my calling to work overseas and do whatever they can to help me out.

-My husband that encourages me and keeps me steady. It has been a transitional year and I can’t imagine him not at my side.

-Our supporters that give and pray faithfully for us every month- it is amazing what God does through all of you.

-Friends back in the States that stay in touch and pray for me in spite of the distance.

-Friends all over the world that we have met in a variety of contexts and have made an impact on our lives.

-Co-workers and friends here in Bogota that fill my day with support and laughter.

-Adorable students who are eager to learn.

-A school focused on helping students grow closer to you.

-The little things in life: breakfast in bed on the weekends, libraries with ebooks that I can check out overseas, inexpensive street food, convenient transportation system, internet that makes communication easy, warm blankets, hot chocolate, inexpensive airline tickets, and sunshine almost every day.

—and last, but most important—

-Your son, my savior and redeemer, through whom I am able to have a relationship with you.

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