*deep sigh*

Yesterday marks the end of the first quarter of school for Ed and I! Not only does this mean that grades are due and we have a lot of planning to accomplish, but that means we have reached the turning point from “being new” to “figuring things out”.

Blessings of the first quarter:

-Tears, giggle fits, a tantrum, and lots of hugs

-Introducing my students to English

-Successful sharing of the gospel message

-Growth in many of my students in English, friendships, and being away from home for the first time.

-Snacks and treats from my students

-Wonderful school community- especially among the teachers

-More hugs, cuddles, and giggles

One of my students is very eager to learn English. Any time he has a chance to speak he answers in English. Sometimes, however, he just doesn’t know the words and answers come out like “father house go walk purple God”. I am so proud of him for trying and am excited for him (and all my students) to continue to grow in this!

For fun, the past week of school was “spirit week” and all the students were encouraged to dress up in the daily theme. Thankfully this was only a small distraction to learning and well, my kids are just too cute!

Check out some pictures!





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