In the past week 2 major car accidents have happened to people I know. Both have been far away. Both have been tragic in one way or another.

One happened to a friend in Mali that resulted in the death of a little girl.

The other was a cousin in Japan that resulted in her being in a coma.

Both are tragic. Both are terrible. And both have caused me to cry out to the Lord on their behalf.

Here is where being part of a global church is hard. When someone is hurt in Asia, I know about it, and it burdens me. When a sister in Christ goes through trials in Europe, my heart breaks.

I would prefer to hide. To not know about things. To go on with my selfish life, oblivious to anything but me. But instead, here I am, crying out to the Lord on their behalf. It is good- but it hurts!

This week I have been teaching my students about “big” and “small”. Today I wanted to emphasize big and use it to describe God. I used a song I learned last year at BCA to help my point.


Our God is a great big God… and He holds us in his hands.

He is higher than a skyscraper, and deeper than a submarine.

He is wider than the universe and beyond my wildest dreams.

And He knows me and He loves me since before the world began.

How wonderful to be a part of God’s amazing plan.


Today when I was walking my students through the words, I was dumbstruck by the simplistic truth. God is bigger than anything here on earth. He is bigger than my pain. He is bigger than the problems of those around me. And more so He is bigger than anything I can imagine.

And in spite of God being so big, he knows ME and he loves ME. He isn’t burdened by all the cares of the world. He cares for me.

Selfish me should know that I would get a “God slap” on my pity party. I should be honored to lift up my burdens to the Lord. I should be honored to know people from everywhere and join with them in petition. I should be thinking less of myself and more of what God is going to do through this difficult circumstances.

Pray with me. Lift up these two sisters in Christ. Celebrate that our God is a great big God and HE ALONE knows what is going on. How wonderful it is to be a part of God’s amazing plan!


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