From “La vache qui rit” to “La vaca que rie”

For those that knew us in Bamako, you know just how important “laughing cow” cheese is to life. Not only is it inexpensive, but it can make a boring piece of bread just a bit more palatable. And if you are Becky you can work your baking magic to create the most amazing cheese ball.

Well, on our way back from the retreat (see below) we discovered the Colombian “laughing cow” factory! Sadly they do not sell processed cheese, rather a magical supply of fresh cheese, caramel, and all sorts of baked goodies! Win!




This past weekend Ed and I joined the teaching staff for a spiritual retreat in hot country. That means we went from Bogota fall to non-Bogota hot weather! I welcomed everything warm weather brings except the bug bites.

The topic for the weekend was integrity which is also the school theme for the year. I was excited to unpack this topic so that I can better communicate it to my students, especially since I was unclear of what it really means on a deeper level. I am sure a few more blog posts will appear as I process.

Outside of teaching times, we were able to explore the resort and enjoy the beauty of Colombia.


Around the resort was a trail of ancient ruins re-created.


There was a trail of folklore characters. Here is the “witch”.


We also found a zoo… with lots of birds, monkeys and turtles.



Sometimes us teachers are just a little strange!


This delightful creation we nicknamed “Colombia in a cup”. It has: shaved ice, strawberry syrup, pineapple, banana, mango, passion fruit, sweetened condensed milk, ice cream and a wafer. YUM!!!DSC_0160

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