You can’t catch me!

The first unit my preschoolers did was about the Gingerbread man. For the first two weeks of school we read the book and learned a fun song!



As we finished the unit we made our own cookies! YUM!!


Mixing the dough


Cutting and decorating


And of course eating

(They don’t look too happy… maybe they didn’t like the taste OR they just woke up from their nap. You can decide.)


As part of the last lesson, I told the kids that my gingerbread man ran away as I was taking him out of the oven. Thankfully as he was running he left clues all over the school. We divided into groups and searched for the missing gingerbread man. We saw the director, the kitchen staff, the computer guy, and ended up in the nurses office, where the poor gingerbread man was resting from all that running. It was so fun to see the kiddos so excited to follow the clues AND meet many of the staff! Overall, a great first unit!

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