One year

Today marks our first wedding anniversary. Not only is it exciting to celebrate an amazing first year a marriage, but it is a chance to look back and see how much God has brought us through together as a couple.


In the past year-

-We have lived in/visited 7 countries on 4 continents.

-We have started new jobs at El Camino Academy after suddenly finishing our jobs in Mali.

-We were forced to evacuate our home in Mali and have drastic changes of plans.

-We have grown closer together as well as  grown in our relationship with God.

There are so many things I am grateful for by being married to Ed. We both share a common passion for education- one that has taken us all over the world. Ed is the definition of calm amidst crazy unknown and transition. Together we have learned how to work together and encourage each other in spite of our differences.

Today as a celebration we decided to treat ourselves to a waffle maker! YUM! We had a late lunch of waffles, whipped cream and strawberries. Life in Bogota is rough sometimes Winking smile


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