Lots of things have happened the past few days- here are some of the highlights!


The day before we left, we received an email that the apartment we had expected to rent was no longer available and had to be vacated in 2 days. Since we had not even arrived yet, it was unsettling to not know where we would rest our head the next day.

While in transit, we got word that the apartment was available until the end of August- not just the following day. Our coordinators assured us that they would be quickly looking for a new place, but in the meantime we had a home. Upon arrival we received word that the apartment directly below us is now available for rent- which would be a great solution. The only problem is renting apartments in Bogota is extremely complicated, so we just need to pray. Please join us in asking God to allow us to live in this apartment or show us another house quickly.

While unpacking we did enjoy some coffee- it’s Colombia of course! 100_0168


On our final flight out to Houston, we boarded the plane around midnight. After everyone had gotten settled, the plane did not seem to be in a rush. About 30 minutes later the co-pilot got on the intercom to let us know that the captain was not to be found and the airline was doing everything they could to find us another pilot. The passengers, Ed and I included, just started laughing at the fact that a captain just didn’t show up. Thankfully, at 1am they were able to find a pilot willing to make the red eye flight to Bogota and we took off. Never had that happen before!


Today was the first day of new teacher orientation. Besides the fact that we were all a little sleep deprived, it went well. I think the fact that coffee was served helped! I was also able to access my classroom and learn a little more about my responsibilities at the PreK teacher. Here is a picture of my classroom at this point. I should warn you that everything was painted over the summer so they left the rest for me to sort 🙂


Thank you everyone for your prayers. We are excited to be starting school and are gracious for your support. Bogota is cool- so we have been rocking warm jackets! So far my Spanish has come back to me- except for when I tried to order ground beef in French… oh, well it’s only my second day!

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