The month of June

We have had 2 Colombia nights which have been great! We made dinner (and served it), shared about Colombia and allowed people to ask questions. We have been making progress towards our support raising goals, which is great! We have one more on July 8th in Corvallis- so stay tuned for more information folks!

100_0113 100_0114

Last week we decided it was a good time to go and visit family out of state. We contacted the various family members and mapped out our route: Banks, Bend, Redding, Fresno, Sacramento, Grants Pass then back to Banks. Along the way we were able to stop and see some of the sights (Crater Lake and Mt. Shasta)- we really do live in a beautiful state.

100_0128  100_0129

After a week on the road we landed in Monmouth for the week and helped out at the local VBS. We were in charge of the Bible story station and spent our mornings shuffling 5 groups of 10ish kids for a 25 minute stories. It was great to be back teaching children and share with them a little of the Bible. I should warn you, these pictures were taken on “moustache day”.

DSC_0008 DSC_0015 DSC_0019

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