Pen Pals

This year my friend from the States and I came up with an idea to partner our classes as global pen pals. She teaches third and fourth grade at a small Christian school and so did I. At the beginning of the year we took pictures of our school and wrote a welcome letter to her class. In return each of my students received a letter from their new pen pal (via snail mail).

By the end of the year we were able to write back and forth three or four times- with the last of the letters coming right after the coup. I scanned them and sent them to the parents so my students still got them.

Anne Marie 001

Yesterday I was able to make a “live” visit to the class and share with them. I let them know where the pen pal was at this point in time, and were able to answer questions of what life is like in Mali. I even brought African clothes to try on. It was great to share this experience with the students!

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