Back in action… kind of

The past 2 weeks I have been able to volunteer in the preschool at BCA! Banks Christian Academy that is. It has been so nice to be back in the classroom and be around adorable preschoolers! Since I will be teaching preschool I have really appreciated jumping in and thriving *cough* amidst the chaos.

And of course there is the quote of the day…

Kid 1– Teacher, teacher!!!!! Something smells bad!!!!

Teacher– Well maybe someone forgot to say “excuse me” (manners are important in preschool)

Kid 2 (to himself)- excuse me…

Oh, the joys of bodily functions!

On another note it is nice to be back in Oregon- especially as spring is here. Ed and I snuck away to the beach from some seafood and geocaches.

100_0019 100_0020 100_0022 100_0031


  1. we were geocaching and I was writing in the log book. (geocaching is like a treasure hunt with gps. There are 'caches' hidden with just the coordinates, then we search for them. Really fun way to see things and hike around.)

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