advent day 3

Luke 2:1-20

Good news! When the angels appeared before the shepherds, there was a moment of terror, then the act of complete obedience. Cleary- this was not a typical night for the men gathered on the hillside. And cleary this was enough to freak anyone out.

If I were to examine the reaction of the shepherds against what would have been my reaction- I am pretty sure running into town would not have been what I would have done. I tend to stop, think, question, ponder, journal, process, discuss, THEN act. So far that has served me well, and kept me out of a lot of trouble.

But does that justify me NOT listening to God the moment He tells me to do something? Probably not. There have been times that I have been prompted to do something- like talk to a new person at church or reach out to lend a helping hand- and I didnt because I didnt want to. Good thing the shepherds didnt do that- they would have missed out on the birth of the Savior.

On the other hand, there have been times that God has obviously stepped in and I have trusted his direction and gone with it. The one example that comes to mind is when Ed and I started dating. I was in my last term of college, all set to head to Mali. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend- especially because that would add a lot of complication to my life- long distance, traveling, support raising- and was at peace in that.

God had a different idea in mind when he sent Ed along. It was in the perfect timing that he could come to Mali too- he easily connected with a mission organization, there was a teaching position open at the school, and it was just enough time to support raise. God stepped in and told me “go” and this time not alone. Without the open doors, I am not sure we would have dated or been married. Oh, I am so glad that God steps in when He does!

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