Advent day 1

 Who says there aren’t snowmen in Mali? I cleaned out my freezer and found tons of “snow”. Isn’t he cute?

Hi guys!

So to bring in the Christmas season I found a Bible reading plan from called Advent reading plan. Right now my goal is to complete all 25 readings by Christmas. Notice I am starting early to give myself a little grace period. Each day there is a reading, then a set of open ended questions and activities related to the reading.

My plan is to take some time each day to blog through this and share a little of what God is teaching me this advent season. I would welcome anyone else who would like to read to join in with me as well. I will post as often as I see necessary, under a special “advent” tab. That way those who are interested can follow along.

Today the reading was Luke 2:21-40. It is when Jesus was taken to the temple 8 days after his birth.

There were two main characters as part of Jesus circumsicion. Simeon and Anna. As Jesus was presented at the temple, it was not just the typical ceremony- people were waiting for him. They knew who He was and were ready to meet Him.

Simeon knew right away who Jesus was and why he had come. There was rejoicing and celebration. Jesus parents marveled at his reaction- for it seems they did not fully grasp what was happening.

The account of Anna was specifically intriguing. She had been married for 7 years then dedicated the rest of her life to God. She fasted, and worshiped every day for years- it says until she was 87 years old. It seems she knew the messiah was coming and was willing to go to all lengths to be there- ready to go- at his arrival.

When I reflect on my own life, I know I couldn’t have the dedication. I like to “do” things too much. I wouldnt be able to drop my life and surrender my life to wait. I hate waiting. But God blessed her waiting and her worship and she was given the privilege of seeing Jesus as a baby being dedicated before the Lord. I hope she knew the eternal significance at the time. Wow.

As the Christmas season begins- even here in Mali- do I wait for the arrival of the savior? Or is it the expectation of tradition and fun times? I know right now my heart is set on a break from school, a fun trip that’s in the works and spending quality time with my husband. All of those are great things- but yikes! There is so much more important things coming up. My prayer is for focus on Christ and for an Anna-like patience and dedication. This is going to be hard.


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