Africa moves in

We have been in school a week now and classroom routines are just starting to be formed. I have been able to remember 90% of the students names (of the whole school, mind you) and new students are adjusting. Being back for a second year is easier. I can focus on school things and am not also trying to learn how to get places, where to buy groceries, and how to say “I want bread” (all the Mali-culture stuff).
That being said, there are many changes as well. Our school has enrolled may new families- in fact there are as many new students as there are returning. Also, the majority of our new student population come from African countries, so the flavor of the school has changed.
I love having new students, but the challenge for both Ed and I is that many of our new students do not already speak English. We are literally having to start at “ground zero” with the English language- and although that is typical for an international school, it does bring a challenge to our teaching.
Please be in prayer as we lesson plan and teach that we can guide our students through the language barrier with ease.
Now for the fun stuff- PICTURES! Here are some snip-its of the first day of school.

Ed’s class made “self portriats”


Checking out book from the library is lots of fun!


My “fish” themed classroom door. Welcome to Third and Fourth grade!


Ed was able to bring a projector to use for teaching.


In a class versus class battle of pictionary- the fifth and sixth graders were  (barely) victorious!


A quick circle game finished off the day!

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