Dear blog (and blog readers).

It sure has been a while. I left the land of heat and dust and temporarily returned to rain clouds and tall trees. Its refreshing. And OH MY- and a lot has been happening!

First, I am getting married this summer. Shortly after arriving back in the US of A Ed proposed and we set the date for a summer wedding. A THIS summer wedding. Its been a few crazy weeks of putting things together, but God keeps granting us blessings in the form of food, locations, and people willing to pitch in. It has been a joy seeing all the support coming in to make our big day special.

Second, I am working part time. My job is to take a bunch of teenagers from the juvenile department and put them to work out in the woods. We are doing things like pulling weeds, moving rocks and building trails. I just started this week and so far it has gone well.. for them at least. I am a wus and am pretty sore from this whole “manual labor” thing Winking smile

Third, I am switching missions. With Ed and I getting married, it is best to be under the same organization. We decided TeachBeyond (the organization Ed has been working with this year) better fits our needs as teachers in Mali. In the next few weeks I will be in application and will have my supporters switch over as well. WorldVenture has been great and will also be transferring all my funds over as well so I will not be losing any support.

Fourth, I am grateful to be back in Oregon. I love Mali and I love my job there, but I miss my family and friends in Oregon and it has been joyful and refreshing to sit down and share a little of life. God is doing awesome things around the world and being together allows me to hear and pray for all that is happenin’.

Well, blog, as the weeks go along, I will try to keep you up to date. No promises though!

Thanks for reading!


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