I cant believe….

 … it’s December! Christmas season is in full swing and last weekend was the BCA Christmas program. Each class participated in a short skit and sang several festive songs. My class did a goofy skit focusing on the Innkeepers and their “frustrations” of the night. My students were fantastic- they remembered all their lines and really got into character.

One of my students- Melissa- and I at the program!

The 3-6th grade classes singing!
Part of my class in their skit!

 …  how tired I am! School has become exhausting and I am ready for a break (one more week!). God has given me a very interesting class this year, and has enabled me to grow in so many ways: as a teacher- dealing with challenging students, as a co-worker- dealing with issues in a professional manner, and as a friend- knowing when to stop and listen (still working on that). He is good and I am constantly reminded where my energy and focus must stay.

My room mate,  Hilary, and I after the concert.

… I am singing in a choir. My room mate directs a choir for anyone in the community who wants to join. She convinced me and Ed to participate, so for the past 3 months we have been working on Vivaldi’s “Gloria” as well as several other festive pieces. The performance is the12th. I am excited to see everything come together and celebrate the birth of Christ with friends here in Mali.

Some BCA students who were also part of Gloria! Aren’t they cute?

… I am cold! It is cold season here and the weather has DRIED out! It was 85 degrees today and I needed a sweater. Also, in the mornings, I wake up cold with a blanket on- the low temperature? 72!

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