Change in the air- not just with the weather

October is here! And although in the states that means leaf crunching and apple cider- in Mali that means the humidity increases and the temperature decreases. I actually put on a sweater last night because it was 78… goodness!

So besides the change in weather, lots of other things are happening in my classroom!

1. I will be getting two new students in my class starting Monday. I am excited to have more students, but it will be a fun challenge increasing our class size by 35%. They are brothers from Nigeria and are both in forth grade. Pray they adjust well, the kids welcome them, and I can teach them well.

2. My student who does not speak English will be having a translator with her 3 days a week starting Monday. I am excited to have some help with this student and pray that I can make necessary adjustments to my schedule to utilize her to the fullest.

3. My computer has decided to break- and it must be shipped back to the company to be fixed/replaced. I use my computer for everything, so this is going to be a challenge for me. Pray that the right people will be able to transport it to and from Bamako and the process will happen smoothly. In the mean time, I praise God for people around me who are willing to let me borrow their computer and for the school to have working computers as well.

Thanks friends! God continues to provide, encourage and uplift me on the hard days! Its fun to think that the first quarter of school is almost over, and how much I have grown as a teacher in this time! Lesson planning comes easier, and I am able to do more and more fun lessons with the kids! God is good!

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