Bamako Christian Academy!

Here is a letter from some parents whose children attend BCA! Gets to the heart of the school and why I am so excited!

BCA is a crucial ministry in Mali, working not only for the students, but their parents as well. While it may not be considered a “front lines” type of ministry, there are many “front-liners” who would not be able to function without it! We recently faced the possibility of having to close next year due to a lack of teachers, and we were all reminded once again of how very important our school is.

There are very limited educational options in Mali. Public school is in no way an option, as the teaching standards are extremely low, and our students would not receive an education that would allow them to integrate into an American or European system afterward. That leaves the American school, which is extremely expensive (about $12,000 per student per year without financial aid). If not for BCA, homeschooling would be the only reasonable option for many families. We ourselves are comfortable homeschooling, but it is not everyone’s “cup of tea.” Before BCA opened up, there were in fact some families facing the possibility of having to leave the ministry in Mali. In short, BCA is extremely important to families working in Mali!

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