Almost Ready!

Today at 12 I have the final stage for my application process with WorldVenture. I will have an hour long phone interview with staff people to discuss my Spiritual, and emotional maturity. I am excited to have the conversation, but at the same time a little nervous about being clear and collected, because at times I have communication issues.

Since this is the last and step before I will officially be endorsed, I am prayerfully expectant to have a green light to go in the next 2 days- or at least by the end of the week. That means I can officially start support raising and putting together my prayer team of excellence! I am so excited to see God provide in this time. Nothing makes sense logically as far as financial support goes- with about 2 months to raise it all- but I serve a great and mighty God who has given me a strong calling to GO and LOVE and SERVE! Cant wait to see His promises come to completion!

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